Project Management & Allied Services

Conforming to highest standards in construction with Adding Value!

As Project Managers in the construction industry, we at OptimGov, undertake a planned series of activities and design them in synchronization with our customer’s requirements, whenever we go on board with new projects. This includes overall planning, coordination, monitoring and controlling of a project from inception to completion in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project that will be completed on time, within authorized cost and to the required quality standards.

Our Project Management services and Allied Services are classified into six typical stages.

1. Pre-Construction Management

From the moment we take up a project, we chalk out a roadmap for our customers, taking ownership of the entire project, right from its budding  stages. This process includes advising, monitoring and reporting on Pre-Construction activities of the project. OptimGov initiates the project by preparing a project execution plan that will set out the cost, time and quality objectives of the project, and the systems and procedures that will be used to achieve these objectives. The overall objective of the Pre-Construction process is to improve efficiency, reduce cost and time (by providing clear briefings, pre-planning meetings, workshops and resource allocation) and value maximization (by managing the supply chain, making timely decisions and operating in a pro-active and robust environment).

  • Phases of Pre Construction Management
    • Project definition
    • Project administration
    • Appointment of   architect   and   consultants
    • Design management & coordination
    • Procurement   management/Tender and Bid management
    • Planning management/ Forecasting management
    • Cost management
    • Risk management
    • Value management

2. Construction & Installation Management

OptimGov starts the construction management process during the preliminary design stage when project planning milestones are established, construction concepts are developed, and the overall plan is prepared.

As a part of Project Management Consultancy, during the construction period, OptimGov will prepare a construction management strategy, procedure and manual and undertake ‘Construction Process Management’ which is essentially a strategy of overseeing the General contractor’s/ Sub -contractor’s supervision team at site, monitoring their established processes and doing periodic quality checks at random.

As Client Representative, OptimGov will represent your best interest in interactions with contractors, major sub contractors and all other consultants.

During final design, construction management tasks include constructability and cost-saving reviews, consequent design changes and environmental compliance. The construction phase involves implementation of the construction plan by the Project Construction Manager including day-to-day communications and coordination with contractors.

  • Phases of Construction & Installation Management
    • Appointment of contractors
    • Planning management/Forecasting Management
    • Cost management
    • Site management
    • Quality control
    • Environment, Health & Safety management
    • Co-ordination with client, architect and other consultants

3. Post Construction Management

Through our post construction management services we ensure that the project is handed over to the client in a controlled and disciplined manner. OptimGov will also co-ordinate for the hand over of all documents including as built drawings and approved O&M manuals by the Contractors/ Vendor.

  • Phases of Post Construction Management
    • Package closure –   technical & commercial
    • Final cost report
    • Co-ordination for hand over – documents including as built drawings, operation & maintenance manuals

4. Program Management & Process Review

While acting as the Program Manager or Process Reviewer, OptimGov takes the responsibility of being a single point contact for Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Periodic Reviewing & Reporting to Owner on the factual status of the overall project Schedule. OptimGov identifies the risks to the timeline of the project and advise the Owner on remedial actions in order that the project can be completed within the targeted timeframe and cost.

5. Quality Review & Audits

We at OptimGov believe in Total Quality Management and feel the responsibility of monitoring our existing developments and ongoing construction projects for possible hazards and non-conformity to Quality standards. In addition to conducting 1st and 2nd party audits, we are also capable of conducting on-site (3rd party audits) for our clients.

In Quality Audits, our team reviews the design, design basis reports, specifications, testing-commissioning reports, statutory approvals and supporting documents for the project and undertake a walk-through and visual review of the site and structure(s) to create a report of the findings and advise the Client on the technical (design and construction related) aspects of the project and grade the overall quality of the development.

Our highly qualified and experienced team of Engineers under the supervision of Senior Management review the ongoing construction and report the risks, defects and recommend improvement in quality where the quality is below acceptable norms.

The objectives of quality audit in OptimGov opinion are:

  • Evaluate the project process in order to identify defects so that they can be fixed.
  • Provide recommendation to prevent future defects in the project process.
  • Review and report quality standards with respect to specifications and contract documentation.
  • Prepare monthly audit report collating observations, risks, defects noted   and recommendations.
  • Follow up to review the compliance of recommendations provided and report the status.

6. Safety Review & Audits

At OptimGov, we have adopted a structured process to conduct Safety Audits which measure compliance and conformance to safety standards, striving for zero accidents. With our highly qualified and experienced professionals, we understand the gravity of Safety as a priority in the Project Management Process and we also undertake 3rd party Safety Audits for our clients. We believe in integrating safety into design, production and use and ensure that our sites are inspected during and after completion by experienced safety professionals to make sure that no safety hazards remain. OptimGov undertakes the Environment, Health & Safety audit for large and complex projects where in safety team identifies the various risk involved in project and proposes the mitigating plan.

OptimGov defines the project specific safety system such as: Establishing minimum EHS standards for the project

  • Resources required to ensure safe working atmosphere
  • Fall protection system including edge protection & work at height issues
  • Risk assessment and mitigation plan
  • Safe working method statements for critical activities
  • Various permits to work
  • Regular inspections to identify & correct unsafe situations
  • Consistent awareness programs
  • Task related instructions to workers
  • Regular safety meetings
  • Effective emergency evacuation system